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bandera D1 V Open Ciudad de Plasencia

Start date: 17-03-2018
End date: 17-03-2018
Registration end date: 11-03-2018
Country: Spain
City: Plasencia
Currency: Euro (Europe)
Telephone: 650199575-Manuel
Categories: Pre-cadets_A(2010/) / Pre-cadets_B(2009/) / Pre-cadets_C(2008/) / Pre-cadets_D(2007/) / Senior_B(2001) / Veterans_A(1981/1978) / Veterans_B(1977/1973) / Veterans_C(1972/1967) / Cadets(2004/2005/2006) /
Prices: Pre-cadets_A: 15.00€Pre-cadets_B: 15.00€Pre-cadets_C: 15.00€Pre-cadets_D: 15.00€Senior_B: 15.00€Veterans_A: 15.00€Veterans_B: 15.00€Veterans_C: 15.00€Cadets: 15.00€
Account number: ES4521082694200556203599-CAJA DUERO.(
Max. competitors: 0 / unlimited

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